Independence Sunday July 3rd 2016

Sunday July 3rd, 2016 Independence is our annual ride celebrating our day of freedom. As is the tradition this ride flows through the hills of the East Bay. Meet up is at Sparky’s Giant Burgers (4120 Redwood Rd, Oakland CA). There is a parking lot with plenty of room for your transporters. Meet up Sunday July 3rd at 10:00am, KSU 10:30am. A Chevron station is adjacent to Sparky’s where we […]

How We Ride

With these admittedly anemically powered bikes there are some methods we’ve found to optimize the fun and improve safety. Please read and understand this information. If you don’t understand something ask us and we’ll explain it. • Follow the Leader—even though there is generally a ride leader he doesn’t always take the front of the pack. Frequently he will wave other riders past, allowing other people to take the front. […]

Derbi de Mayo IV Saturday May 21st

Derbi de Mayo IV has been rescheduled to Saturday May 21st 11am Derbi de Mayo IV our fourth annual ride celebrating the great moto brand Derbi. As is our tradition this ride flows through the hills in the the Mill Valley Mt. Tam area. This year’s ride will revisit some of our favorite roads, but with a new twist–Laps. Prep the bikes, get the chains lubed up, the registrations current, […]

Gojusan Saturday April 2nd

Fifty Three Miles of Fun—Gojusan. Traditionally the first ride of the year has been an exciting smile engaging time. On the 5150, and 50/50 rides we adventured through the Mill Valley Mt. Tam area with twisties galore. This year’s ride Gojusan will recapture that endearing mini moto replica experience by returning to the rich hills of Tamalpais. Prep the bikes, get the chains lubed up, the registrations current, the tires […]

GPR Camp is coming!

Hey Cats, We have some great news—GPR Camp is coming! We have the dates We have a campsite We have a track We have the URL We have a website (that’s not really there yet) We have a Facebook page (I know!) We have a Twitter account We have an Instagram account We have a Tumblr account We have a Reddit account We have a YouTube channel Dates June 8th, […]