GPR Camp is coming!

Hey Cats,

We have some great news—GPR Camp is coming!
  • We have the dates
  • We have a campsite
  • We have a track
  • We have the URL
  • We have a website (that’s not really there yet)
  • We have a Facebook page (I know!)
  • We have a Twitter account
  • We have an Instagram account
  • We have a Tumblr account
  • We have a Reddit account
  • We have a YouTube channel
June 8th, 9th, and 10th
Wednesday June 8th we’ll arrive at the Alice Eastwood campsite. Riding and events will take place, and an evening of moto videos. Thursday June 9th will included more programed events including riding, training, and videos.
On Friday June 10th we’ll be going to the track in Stockton!
The URL is setup, but it takes a while for the DNS to propagate, so it may not be going to the website just yet.
Until the URL connects use that link above. There’s really nothing there yet, but it should be filling up, and looking like a real website as I start filling it out.
GPR Camp
More info to follow

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