Track Day—Sunday Oct 29th at Stockton

Track Day
Track Day

This Sunday October 29th we’ll be taking it to the kart track at Stockton Little 99. Join us for some full throttle action on the track. Expect it to be warm so bring shade, beverages, snacks/lunch, and other supplies.

Prep the track bikes, get the chains lubed up, the tires checked, and get that riding gear ready. Smaller (50~85cc) two stroke replicas like the Derbi GPR, and the Aprilia RS50 are very much encouraged. Fast mopeds, pocket bikes, Groms and such are okay!

Meet up Sunday October 29th
The track is open from 10am to 5pm. Open track, ride all day for $40.

If you still don’t have a Replica Racer contact us, and lets find one for you. If you still haven’t gotten your Replica Racer ready lets get on that, we can help you!

Stockton Track Location.

MT Mike at Sonoma
Derbi GPR Track Bikes

Ride Report

We had a good time out at Stockton today. For the most part things went really well. The bike were running good, although Mike’s need some serious mid throttle tuning, and mine had a clutch cable fail. It started to bind up–which is unfortunate since it was a brand new cable. I’ll be checking into it, and will probably put an older OEM unit on the bike.

There were a lot of people out there today. I didn’t get much in the way of photos because I was rather busy doing riding. I was surprised how many LARGE cc bikes (over a liter) were out there. That track is just way too small for those bikes–and it’s not safe having them out there with the pocket bikes.

Ed picked up Max’s MetraKit for Alex today. It needs some fixing up, but I’m excited to see what Alex can do now that he’ll be on a two stroke again.


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