September Equinox—Saturday Sept 23rd

September Equinox

September Equinox our annual ride celebrating the arrival of fall. As is our tradition this ride flows through the hills in the the Mill Valley Mt. Tam area. This year’s ride will revisit some of our favorite roads. Yes Bo-Fax is open, and we will be attacking that hill.

Prep the bikes, get the chains lubed up, the registrations current, the tires checked, and get that riding gear ready. Smaller (50~85cc) two stroke replicas like the Derbi GPR, and the Aprilia RS50 are very much encouraged. Fast mopeds should be fine (make sure your brakes work!). Full size 4T (250cc+) is frowned upon. Groms and such are okay!

Meet up Saturday September 23rd at 10:30am, KSU at 11:00am.

We’ll gas up at the Chevron on Geary and Arguello. There will be other stops for the bikes that guzzle. Lunch will again take place in the hills.

If you still don’t have a Replica Racer contact us, and lets find one for you. If you still haven’t gotten your Replica Racer ready lets get on that, we can help you!

Route. This route is tentative.

Ride Report

The weather was incredible. The last day of summer/first day of fall hold a certain amount of magic. The colors are turning, and yet there is still enough greenery to remind us that life is still abundant.

Ed’s clutch blew up on his RS50 so he brought out the RazKill. Shawn road the Malossi bike, and I rode the PMPR machine. All the bikes performed well. The new pipe placement on the PMPR though needs a heat shield. I melted the boot more than a little!

Lunch was fun, although no photos this time–I mean it’s about the bikes right? We did make to Monroe’s for their Open house event, but we were a half hour too late! Oh well–at least we got to see our friends mingling outside. Bobby seemed more motivated to get his RS50 running again. That would be cool.

On to the photos!

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