Derbi de Mayo V Sunday May 21ST

Derbi de Mayo V our fifth annual ride celebrating the great moto brand Derbi. As is our tradition this ride flows through the hills in the the Mill Valley Mt. Tam area. This year’s ride will revisit some of our favorite roads. I’m told that Bo-Fax is open, and yes we’ll be attacking that hill. Prep the bikes, get the chains lubed up, the registrations current, the tires checked, and […]

Replica 54

Sunday January 29th, 2017 Replica 54 is our opening ride for 2017. Time to show off your winter build action, and dress in your finest regalia. Expect a fun little romp of around 54 miles through the Marin hills with an exploration of the recently reopened Bo-Fax! Location and route to be announced soon. Meet up Sunday January 29th at 11:00am, KSU 11:30am. Rain will trigger a reschedule. Prep the […]