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Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2019 10:39 pm
by toratora
Hey guys, as you may remember I detuned my Mito by putting a smaller 28mm carb on it. I did this for a couple of reasons. One so that it performed better with changes in conditions, and got better fuel milage, but also so that it will last longer. By producing less power the bike is less likely to wear out. Mito parts are getting a little more difficult to find these days, and I want this bike to last a while.

Additionally, I have the wrong profile/size tires on the Mito, and the front brakes are haggard. These tires I bought when the bike had the stock wheels. Even then they were too large, but on the skinnier SP rims they are way too wide. The rear is currently a 150. Stock would be a 140, and I should probably be running something like a 130. Calvin is running the Sava MC18s on his bike so he might even have a 120 on the back.

The Mito's front disc, and pads are basically gone. I need to replace them, but I've not had the opportunity to do so. Which basically means I can't really ride the bike all that hard in its current state.

That said the bikes compared quite well. It was a good ride. On Empire both bikes struggled a bit, feeling like they had lost a lot of power. On 236 the Mito did run away from the NSR, but that could easily be explained by my familiarity with 236.